About me

Marcin Bartkowiak

For 15 years, I have been working to eliminate ailments and injuries of the body movement of athletes, patients of „specialized medicine”, and patients of other medical institutions. My studies at the St. Mary’s University College London helped me widen my knowledge and skills in the scope of sports physiotherapy.
Sport injuries
As an athletic trainer of the futbol team Znicz Pruszkow and thanks to the collaboration with the Women’s Volleyball National Team during their training camp, I have gained the experience that helped me effectively diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions, spine pain and sport injuries.
My methods
During my sessions, I use different physiotherapy methods such as: Acckermann’s manual therapy, functional stabilization of the spine, muscle energy techniques, treatment of trigger points, techniques of active relaxation. Myofascial Loosening. My goal is to prepare the most appropriate therapy plan for the patients needs to effectively relieve their ailments. Also, I use the Kinesiology Taping method, that supports the improvement of the patient. My education and experiences gained in sport clubs and medical institutions result in my effective way to solve my patient’s problems.
Each session, I start with an accurate interview and functional test, which allows me to accurately diagnose patient’s problem and appropriately select therapeutic method to fit patient’s individual needs.

• Masters in Physiotherapy from Wyzsza Szkola Fizjoterapii we Wroclawiu
• St. Mary’s University College London – wellness and sports massage
Methods used:
• Acckermann’s manual therapy,
• Functional stabilization of the spine,
• Muscle energy techniques,
• Treatment of trigger points,
• Techniques of active relaxation.
• Myofascial Loosening
• Therapy according to Ackerman

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