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Home visits are directed for people that have difficulties with getting to the office
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For sport clubs
Sport physiotherapy is a process that helps with prevention of injuries. Also, it deals with the healing process of injuries that are a result of playing a sport. The main goal of sport physiotherapy after an injury is to return to full functionality in the shortest possible time. This offer is directed towards the professional and amateur athletes. I am offering my professional care either during competition or during the whole sport season.
For companies
Do you care about the health and well-being of your employees?
Problems with stress, tension, headaches that relate to long hours in front of a computer are the concern for many office employees. According to the study Ergotest 2013, more than 50% of employees complain of stress and 33% complain of back and neck pain. It can be concluded that only 2% of workplaces are suited accordingly to the concept of ergonomics. It is not a surprise that the cause of dissatisfaction and ineffectiveness of employees, is not lack of motivation, but wrong organization of their workplace.

In order to decrease the ailments of your employees, I have created a complex packet that combines both training in ergonomics and physiotherapy excercises. The goal of the excercises is to reduce muscle tension and to remove the pain that comes with it. During our cooperation together, we can prepare an individual training program that will implement the needs of your employees.


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